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Understanding Home Loan

Maximum loan amount

1st property loan = 80% of property valuation
2nd property loan = 50% of property valuation
3rd property loan = 40% of property valuation

Maximum Loan tenure

65 years - age of applicant = maximum loan tenure (capped at 30 years loan).

If loan amount is 60% (or less) of property valuation, you can take up to 35 years loan.

Home Loan Interest

There are 3 main type of home loan packages that determine your home loan interest rate. They are fixed, floating and Sibor/SOR home loan.

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Different type of home loan packages

Fixed Rate

Banks/ financial institutions will state upfront the fixed interest rate for a number of years. The fixed rate is usually 1-3 years, followed by a floating rate.

Advantage: Simple and straight forward.
Worry-free as it is not affected by the market conditions.

Disadvantage: Interest rate is usually higher compared to a floating rate mortgage.
Generally, it comes with a lock-in period (Eg. 2 years fixed rate = 2 years lock in period).

Floating Rate (board rate)

Interest rate varies and is adjusted based on the banks/ financial institutions discretion. It is usually stated as Mortgage Board Rate – x%.

Advantage: Interest rate is usually lower than fixed rate.

Disadvantage: There is uncertainty as the rate is adjusted based on banks/financial institutions discretion.


Sibor is the rate at which banks lend to one another in SGD. When it falls, so does the mortgage rate of Sibor-linked Mortgages. SOR rate represents the cost of borrowing SGD synthetically through borrowing USD and swap out in return for SGD for the same tenor.
Sibor/ SOR home loan rate are usually stated as 1month Sibor + x%, or 3months SOR + x%.

Advantage: Transparency as Sibor/ SOR rates are made known to the public

Disadvantage: Uncertainty as rate is adjusted based on market conditions.

Documents needed for home loan application

1) Completed Mortgage Loan Application Form for all applicants
2) Photocopy of NRIC or Passport (front and back) for all applicants
3) Income Documents for all applicants:
Self-Employed: Latest 2 year Notice of Assessment
Salaried: Computerised pay slips (latest 3 months) or Latest 1 year Notice of Assessment
4) CPF property statement (if using CPF)
– showing ordinary account balance
5) Option to purchase
6) HDB statement showing no HDB existing HDB loan


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